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Practicing Hebrew reading at home really accelerates your child's Hebrew reading skills, and we need your help to make that happen!

To get students excited about reading at home, we are using the Aleph Champ program to track progress. A karate-style color scheme helps children look forward to their goals and celebrate their successes. To provide further motivation to read daily, we have a prize store where students can spend earned "Torah Tokens" to purchase prizes as an additional incentive. If your child is reading to you directly, please make sure to tally each page read (reading a page more than once is not only allowed, but encouraged). Each page read = one Torah token earned.

Here's how it works:

1. You should have a reading page selected for your child in their homework folder. Email if you're not sure what page to read. Links to additional pages are available below to read if your child has read their assigned page at last once.

2. Call 262-421-6123 and at the beep, say your name, page number, and read at least one page of Hebrew reading. Parents of younger kids, if your child prefers to read to you, just leave a message letting us know that your child read a page to you, or send in a note on Sunday. 

3. Collect points! Each page read earns one Torah Token - the Morahs will listen to the recordings 

4. Earn prizes!

5. Become a super-reader with speedy-and-accurate Hebrew reading skills! The best part. :)

Call 414-439-4041 or email Chava if you have any questions. 

 Aleph Champ Levels:

 White  - Master the first 18 letters of the Aleph Bet.

  Red  - Master all 32 letters of the Aleph Bet.

  Orange  - Master the first 3 vowels with letter combinations.

  Yellow  - Master the first 6 vowels with letter combinations.

  Green - Master the first 9 vowels with letter combinations.

  Blue  - Master all the vowels and exceptions to the rules.

  Purple  - Master reading basic prayers.

  Brown  - Master reading higher level Tefillot.

 Grey - Master reading from the Siddur in a timed fashion.

 Black  - Master reading over 100 words in a minute.