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After a yummy pancake breakfast every Sunday, MCHS students get to explore their Torah study through a variety of engaging mediums! The topics we explore through their years at MCHS:

Mitzvos We Can Do: Our younger students start off with learning about how we can use our body to do mitzvot - we use our hands to put tzedaka in a charity box, we use our legs to run to help Mommy bring in the groceries, and so many more! The students decorate a doll to look like themselves, and make mitzvah accessories for their doll to bring home!

Super Jew, Super You: Let's open up a Torah and see what it tells us! Each week, students open up a miniature realistic Torah to find a clue card that will tell them what the "superpower" of the week is - the special mitzvah that Hashem gave us to be strong and help us do so many good things! 

Breishit, Story of our Life: Through this curriculum our students learn the book of B'reishit, Genesis, from the creation of the world to the beginning of the Jewish nation! Building Avraham and Sarah's tent, learning about all the babies that Yakov had (which became the tribes!), and so much more! 

Shemot - Adventure to the Holy Land: Picking up where B'reishit left off, students learn about how the Jews came to be slaves in Egypt, their journeys through the desert, the giving of the Torah and the birth of the Jewish people as a nation. Using exciting mediums like stop motion-animation, the story comes to life!

Jewish Home: What makes a Jewish Home? Over the course of the year, our architects design and sketch their dream homes, exploring each room through the lens of Torah values and mitzvot. As they conclude each unit covering a different area in the home, they'll bring home Jewish projects to furnish their homes, from mezuzahs for the bedroom, to beautiful hand-washing cups for the kitchen! 

Jewish Heroes: The giants of Jewish history leap off the dusty pages and come to life as students explore our Jewish heroes, from Avraham all the way until contemporary figures, collecting baseball-card-style cards, where each hero and heroine is colorfully described, with projects and activities to fully understand their role in Jewish history and the lessons we can learn from them. 

Israel Quest - Heritage Unlocked: What is our connection to the land of Israel? When and where did it all start? Students will embark on a journey to connecting with our homeland, through a story that started 3,000 years ago! This picks up where the 5 books of Moses left off, with the 12 tribes entering the land, portioning it according to tribes, and building the Beit Hamikdash.

L'chaim, to Life! Jewish Lifecycles: Our oldest students explore the Jewish lifecycle, and the associated rituals with each one. What exactly happens at a Jewish wedding? What is different about a Jewish funeral? Why is it important? What are the reasons for the things we do differently? 

Jewish Days: We have a whole calendar that's just for us - let's get into the Jewish rhythm of life! Students will establish what a Jewish calendar looks like, when holidays "fall out" on the Gregorian calendar, and the sources in the Torah and Shulchan Aruch (Jewish book of law) for the holidays and associated customs.