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Hebrew Reading at Home

At MCHS, we use the acclaimed "Aleph Champ" Hebrew reading system, which utilizes karate-themed   color levels to inspire students towards growth and to track their learning.

To get students excited about reading at home, we use “Torah    Tokens,” which they can redeem for great prizes. Each page that your child reads earns one Torah token. Repetition of each page earns Torah Tokens as well, since sometimes it is necessary to read a page more than once. If your child forgot their reading folder in school, please remember that all the reading pages are available on our website.

Please make sure to sign your child’s reading log, so that they can get the credit they earned! Your child can read to you, or call in to our reading line and leave a recording of themselves reading each page. The number to call in is: 262-421-6123 . Please make sure your child says their name first.

We will send reminders via text, and the commitment is actually minimal - even just 5 minutes of reading each day (or even every other day!) pays huge dividends in the classroom. We will read with each child every single week, but the reading at home is what really makes Hebrew reading skills flourish.