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Our Schedule 

  • Each day of MCHS starts off with a pancake breakfast! We know it’s hard to get kids up and out of the house, especially on the weekend, so you can cross breakfast off your morning checklist! Upon arrival, your child should take their reading folder out of their bag and bring it to a teacher to mark off their reading logs, and put their earned tokens in their token cups. Hebrew reading: during breakfast, a team of volunteers will call aside each child for one-on-one and small– group reading. They will assign reading work to do at home, and return the folders to each child’s cubby. Students work on Ketiva - Hebrew writing - once they have read and finished breakfast.
  • Students split into groups for Tefillah/Davening/Prayer
  • Yahadut
  • Unit focus
  • Hebrew conversation! The Morahs will choose a new vocabulary word each week and lead a discussion using this word.
  • Pick up—don’t forget to take your reading folder home!