Family Learning Opportunities

Throughout the year, we will have many opportunities for your family to participate in Jewish learning! Below are some of the exciting programs we have planned, and stay tuned for more!

Holiday Celebrations: Families are invited to holiday learning celebrations before each Yom Tov. Some of the exciting programs include:

  • Maccabee Makerspace: Dream, create, build. Anything is possible in our Maccabee Makerspace. Filled with tools, recyclables, and building materials, this teamwork-building workshop brings kids and families together for total imagination domination. Make a spinning robot dreidel, help build a jumbo s’more menorah, and join us for the lighting ceremony!
  • The 4D Pesach Experience: Your time machine awaits. Experience the wonder, the freedom, and the triumph of our ancestors in Egypt, as we travel back in time with a miracle-filled Pesach experience, featuring an interactive 3D video, games, and team-challenges.
  • YouScribe: Go behind the scenes to experience the mystical art of Torah-making. Learn the calligraphy of the scribes, write on your own scrolls, and get a letter of your very own in our Children’s Unity Torah.
  • Goodness Grows In Milwaukee: Work together to grow a better world. Learn about your power to make an impact and uplift the world, while building a community Tree of Giving. Design, paint, and fill this masterpiece tree with carved leaves, sharing your ideas about how you can spread goodness and kindness. Make your own seed bombs to plant at home and continue spreading the goodness.

Home Visits: Sign up for a “Shema Pajama Party” or make an appointment with the Rabbi to check your mezuzahs and make sure they are kosher (and learn what makes them kosher!).

Parent classes: Parents are invited to spend the last hour of Hebrew school before pick-up learning with Rabbi Cheski. The topics will mirror what your child is learning in school, and you’ll go home with conversation starters that will lead to meaningful conversations around the dinner table! The first half of the year will explore why Israel is so meaningful for the Jewish people. Click here to sign up for this class!